Can I capture pictures and notes during a workout?

Yes, with TritonWear Live you can attach photos of your workout buildout, your athlete's technique or a screenshot of the app and upload them with your workout. These photos can be set to Public so your entire team can view them later on TritonWear Insights, or Private so only you can see them.

To upload a photo during a workout:

  • Press the paperclip icon on the navigation bar at the top of the screen, during a workout. A dropdown will appear, and you can choose either Take Photo to Upload (takes a new photo), or Upload from Library (uploads a photo you've already taken on your device).
  • Once you have either taken your photo or selected a photo from your library, choose your privacy settings for the photo. Setting it to Public will let your whole team see the photo, while setting it to Private will only let you see the photo.

To upload a photo after the workout has ended:

  • From the Workout Complete popup, press the + icon under the photos section. From there you can either take a new photo, or upload an image from your library, the same way you would during a workout


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