What is TritonWear?

TritonWear is a system that lets you:

  • see your athletes' metrics as they swim
  • track those metrics over time, and
  • use that information to improve

Here's how it works:


Each swimmer wears a device (called a Triton unit) on their head as they swim. The Triton unit can figure out the swimmer's metrics (stroke rate, split time etc), and it sends that information through the Triton Connect to TritonWear Live, the app on the coach's tablet.


The tile view in TritonWear Live gives an overview of the rep and lap each athlete just completed.

Within TritonWear Live, the coach can see each athlete's metrics for each lap that they've swum so far during the workout. The coach can see a quick overview of what all the athletes have just completed, and there's a separate screen where the coach can see each individual athlete's workout in more detail. This view lets you graph the set progression, workout buildout, and metrics for each lap.website-overview-mobile-TWLive-graphs.png

The individual graph screen allows you to dive deeper into the workout metrics for an individual athlete.

After you finish the practice, the information from each athlete's workout gets uploaded to our cloud. Coaches and athletes can reflect on the practice (What went well? What can we improve next time?) and look at the workout data on their own using TritonWear Insights, our web app. TritonWear Insights also lets you keep track of your competitions and personal bests in one convenient location.


TritonWear Live is a powerful tool, allowing you to look at workout metrics and compare athletes over time.

How you use the workout data is up to you, but we recommend looking at it regularly to see changes in performance as they happen, as well as making strategies based on the data and iteratively testing those strategies to make sure you're training as smart as possible.


Happy training!

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