New Feature: Heroes

Keep up to date with your favourite elite athletes, and compare their swims to your athletes!


Who are heroes?

Heroes are elite, top-tier swimmers from around the world – Olympians, national record-breakers, and international medal winners. We know what it's like to aspire to be like them (who doesn't want to be the next Michael Phelps?), so we created a way to follow what they're up to.

What can I do in the heroes section of Triton Insights?

Our heroes section allows you to:

  • Follow heroes to get updates on new personal bests, medals, or new analyzed races that we've added.
  • Read heroes' bios to learn about their careers.
  • See their personal best times, as well as their International Medal Counts.
  • View their races that we've analyzed: see each metric in detail.
  • Compare their races to your swims to see how well you stack up!




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