How do I keep track of personal bests?

 Personal Bests is a feature in TritonWear Insights that you can use to keep a historical log of athletes' best times in the pool, and graph them over time to see progress.

There are three ways to add a personal best:

  1. Personal bests that you hit in a competition will be automatically added to your log if you have Competition Auto-Updates set up. Learn how to set up Auto-Updates here.
  2. Any personal best that you get in a workout can be added to your log with one click from the Workout Results page. See below for instructions.
  3. Add a personal best manually from your / your athlete's Personal Best page. See below for instructions.

To add a personal best from a rep in a workout:

  1. On the Workout Results page of TritonWear Insights, any rep that qualifies as a personal best (i.e. is faster than your latest PB for that distance) will have an Log PB button beside it in the list of sets. The list of sets is on the left column on large screens, and is under the graph on mobile devices. 
  2. Click the Log PB button, and we'll add it to your log! 
  3. Once a rep is added as a personal best, the Log PB button will change to say View PB; and clicking it will take you to see it on your personal best page.

To manually add a new personal best:

  1. Go to the Personal Bests page of TritonWear Insights for the athlete in question.
    1. To do so on a computer or tablet, choose an athlete from the menu on the left side of the screen, and click Add a Personal Best from the Personal Bests card in their dashboard (if you are an athlete looking to add a personal best, click Add a Personal Best from the Personal Bests card in your own dashboard).
    2. To do so on a mobile device, click Manage Athletes from your dashboard, choose an athlete from the list, and click the Personal Bests header (if you are an athlete looking to add a personal best, click the Personal Best header from your own dashboard).
  2. Fill out the information about the personal best in the inputs shown at the top of the screen.
  3. Once everything is filled in, click Save.
  4. The personal best will be added to that athlete's log.

Below are gifs showing how to add a personal best, on a larger screen first, and then on a mobile device underneath:

After logging personal bests, graph them over time:


Graphing personal bests over time lets you see how you or your athletes are improving, and at what rate. To graph personal bests:

  1. On TritonWear Insights, go to either your team's or your athlete's Personal Best page (if you're a coach), or your own Personal Best page (if you're an athlete).
  2. Choose one or more personal bests to look at on the graph and select Add To GraphThe personal best will be added to the graph above.
  3. Add hero PBs to the graph by clicking Add/Remove Hero to Trends to see where they stand in comparison to you/your athletes.
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