TritonWear Firmware Update: Triton v1.1.14

Hot on the heels of the TritonWear Insights release last month, we bring you an update for your Triton units: v1.1.14! Use the TritonWear Desktop Application to update your Triton units to get better accuracy and the latest features.


Bug fixes:

  • In rare cases, invalid metrics would be reported following a false end removal. This has been resolved.


Short rest buildouts:

  • Improvements have been made to better distinguish a short rest time between reps from an open turn. This will result in better workout build outs.


Set Buildout Accuracy Improvements:

  • Reduction in false positives (ie fewer reported splits that did not actually occur)


Rep Time Improvements:

  • On some backstroke rep ends, the end of the swim was recorded as occurring too early. This has been corrected.
  • Early starts that are triggered when the swimmer bends over to dive are better recognized so that reps that start with a dive have more accurate timing.


Stroke Count Improvements:  

  • For certain swimmers’ freestyle swimming, three strokes were counted during a single stroke at times. These extra strokes have been reduced.
  • For freestyle swimming with a 3:1 stroke/breath ratio, strokes between breaths were sometimes missed for certain swimmers. These strokes are now detected.


Split Time Improvements:

  • Selection of flip vs open vs suicide is more accurate, which improves split times.
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