Why are my sets building out improperly?


There are a number of reasons this could happen:

  • Incorrect pool length setting
    The pool length is used to set certain thresholds in our algorithm. If the wrong pool length was set at the start of the workout, the algorithm might miss certain conditions; resulting in sets not building out properly.
  • Improper Triton unit position
    The position of the Triton unit on the head greatly affects the accuracy of the algorithm. Make sure that the Triton unit is positioned so that it is in the centre of the head and pointing straight up.
  • Unsupported stroke types
    We currently support the 4 main stroke styles - Fly / Breast / Back / Free - & IM as if they were being swam during a competition. We don't support variations of those strokes (e.g. Breast Pull), Drills, Dives or Equipment. Our algorithm hasn't been tested across enough of those styles and might record the action as something different.
  • Little rest or no pace time
    Our system currently differentiates between a stop and a turn by the amount of time the user is stationary. When swimmers miss their pace times or only rest for a few seconds between reps, the system will often detect this as part of the same rep.

If you're still experiencing problems after following these directions, please email our support team at support@tritonwear.com.



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