How do I pause the app, to stop it from recording unsupported activities?

If swimmers are participating in an unsupported activity (e.g. a drill or kick set, walking, or working out on deck), you can press the  button in TritonWear Live. This will pause the app, stopping it from recording metrics until you press the button again to resume. As of version 0.20.0 of the mobile app (now called TritonWear Live) you can also pause individual athletes or an entire training group.

pause_all.pngTo pause all athletes at once:

Press the  in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. To start collecting data again, press the  in the same place.


To pause an entire training group:

In the tile view, select the group you want to pause from the tab bar, and press the  button beside the group name.


To pause an individual athlete:

In the tile view, press the Menu button in the athlete's tile. In the menu that shows up, choose Pause Swimmer. To resume collecting data for that athlete, press the  button on the tile.


To pause an individual athlete from the graph view:

To pause an athlete from their graph view, press the  button on the left column beside their name. To resume collecting data for that athlete, press the  button in the same place.

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