How do training groups work in TritonWear Live?

Once your training groups are set up on TritonWear Insights, they will be pulled down to TritonWear Live (our mobile app) the next time the app syncs with the TritonWear Cloud.

Once the sync is complete, start a new workout like you normally would. When you click Set Up Groups, you will see all the athletes you assigned to units in the previous screen, split up into groups.


This page gives you an overview of the groups. If all the swimmers are grouped correctly, you can click Start Workout.

However, sometimes an athlete might come to practice injured, or might need to be monitored individually. You can do so by following these steps to create a temporary group and add the athlete to the new group:

  1. Click the + Group button to create a new group. Enter the new group name and click OK.
  2. Click the Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_4.49.29_pm.png next to the new group, then click on any athlete that you want to add to the new group. 


Once you've created your temporary groups and assigned athletes to them, you can start the workout. After confirming your pool length, you'll be directed to the Team View. From there you can filter the Team View to see a particular group by using the Group Navigation bar at the top.


When you end the workout on TritonWear Live, each athlete's workout is uploaded to the TritonWear cloud along with the grouping for that workout (temporary groups included).

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