How is pace time calculated?

First, pace time must be enabled to view it.  Open TritonWear Live (mobile app) and go to the Settings view.  Select the 'Distance + Pace Time' option for the Workout Building setting.

Pace time is calculated as the time from the start of a rep to the start of the next rep. When enabled, pace time is displayed on the User view — replacing the average rep time in the list of sets.  Pace time for a set is the average of the rep pace times rounded to the nearest 0.05s mark.


When the 'Distance + Pace Time' setting is selected, reps are broken out into a new set if the distance of the current rep doesn't match the distance of the previous rep AND if the pace time is greater than the previous rep's pace time + 20 seconds.


  • Pace time is only displayed for Triton units running firmware version 1.1.10 and greater.
  • Pace time for the last rep of a workout cannot be calculated.
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