New Feature: More Hands on Deck (multi-tablet)

Multiple coaches can now simultaneously use the TritonWear system on their tablets with our latest release (firmware version: Connect 1.1.2 and Triton 1.1.13, and app version: iOS 0.0.20 and Android 0.0.22). This will give you more flexibility in how you structure your workouts, as you can now split your team based on what they’ll be doing in a workout, and have a coach monitor each group’s activity in real-time.

To use this feature you will need the following:

  • Two or more Triton Connects
  • Two or more tablets


Follow these steps to use this feature on a new workout: 

  1. Turn on all of your Triton units and two or more Triton Connects.
  2. On TritonWear Live (the mobile app), select New Workout from the main menu on each tablet.
  3. Select a Triton Connect from the list of available devices (see screenshot below). Make sure each coach selects a different Connect.


  4. Your previous unit/athlete pairings will be saved by default, but if you wish to assign a new athlete to a unit, select the unit and then the athlete from the list in the left drawer.

  5. To remove a device from your Connect, select ‘Remove from Connect’ from the left side menu.


  6. Once all of your units are paired, select Set up Groups to set up or create your training groups.
  7. Select Start Workout to begin your new workout.
  8. Repeat steps 2 - 6 on each tablet.


Other Tips & Tricks

Have more than two coaches?

Try a different configuration in your pool! The diagram below is another configuration you can use in practice to enable 3 coaches.

What if an athlete wants to train with a different coach during a workout?

Open the tile menu for the athlete by pressing the horizontal ellipsis button and then selecting Remove from Connect.


You will be asked to end the workout for this athlete. After confirming, the tile for that unit will show up in your list as unassigned. The other coach will see the same on his/her tablet and can now assign the athlete to their Triton Connect.


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