Jan-2018: Update to Tags

A lot of people have been requesting updates to our tagging feature, and we’ve been listening. One of the main requests has been to allow sharing of tags with other users within an organization. Well, today we're happy to announce this feature has been added to your TritonWear organization, using our new public tags functionality! And while we were at it, we also gave tags a bit of a face lift, to make them look and feel more like tags.

New Look


We’ve changed a couple things about the way tags look:

  1. We’ve switched from bubbles to a more tag-like look and feel, and updated the color to make them stand out better
  2. We’ve split them into two categories on the workout page - Tagged by Others, and Tagged by You.


Public and Private Tags


When creating or updating tags, you can now see the public tags others have applied to the set you are working on. You can also choose whether to set tags you make to public or private. Changing the privacy settings of tags is done by clicking on the eye icon on each tag.

Important Notes:

  • All tags previously created on the TritonWear system have been converted to private tags. You can convert them to public tags by editing them on the set and clicking on the eye icon.
  • If you have a lot of private tags and want them all converted to public tags, please reach out to us at support@tritonwear.com and we can bulk convert them for you! 

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