TritonWear Firmware Update: Triton v1.1.19

Hot on the heels of our latest Insights and Live updates, we bring you an update for your units, jam packed with new rules to help improve the results of your workouts!

Use the TritonWear Desktop Application to update your Triton units for better accuracy, and the latest features.

Bugs fixed:

  • LEDs on the Triton units periodically appearing frozen (would not change state even though the system was still running)

Algorithm Improvements:

  • General improvements to build accuracy, and metrics
  • Improvements to dive start recognition and timing
    • Higher rejection of false starts, detected from stepping up onto blocks
      • For best results:swimmers should mount the blocks, then stand upright for a couple of seconds before bending into ready position
  • Rep ends are captured more accurately, resulting in better rep timing
  • Auto-calibration of sensors after the unit is turned on and is laying still (for use at the beginning of a pool session)
    • The sensors will now calibrate themselves, every time the unit is laid still for 4-10 seconds, to help fine-tune accuracy of algorithms
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