May 2018 - New Quick Invite Process & Introducing Community

Over the last couple months, we’ve been working on a few highly requested features for TritonWear Insights, like simplifying inviting new athletes, and enabling athletes in a team to view, compare & react to each other’s results!

Quick Invite Process

You can now start training with an invited athlete right away - before they accept their invitation and complete their registration. We've removed this inconvenience for teams who were stuck waiting on athletes to register before they could start training with the system.

The new process looks like this:

  • Send the invite in TirtonWear Insights - the profile is automatically created, and license assigned
  • From the settings menu on the TritonWear Live app do a quick Cloud Sync
  • Start training with your new athlete
  • The Athlete completes registration the first time they log in to see results
    • All sessions recorded prior to registering are immediately available!

Note: Athlete’s who were invited prior to this change still have to complete their registration before they will show up on your team. If you want to invite them with this new process, please cancel their Invite and send a new one.

Introducing TritonWear Community!

With this release, we are also launching the first phase of our Community, an initiative to make TritonWear Insights more fun and interactive for athletes.

With Community enabled, athletes within a team can access an exciting new level of competition. They can:

  • View each other’s TritonWear Workouts results, Competition times, PBs, etc.
  • React to each other’s sets (👍👎💪)
  • Compare themselves against each other, rather than just across our set of heroes (Silver or Gold profiles)

Community is managed at the organization level, accessed on TritonWear Insights through the Settings -> Team page. Once a coach enables it, all athletes will be able to see each other’s information on their next login. It can be toggled on / off at any time, so give it a shot!

Important Notes:

  • Fixed multi-team support - You can now use the same email address across multiple TritonWear organizations (Note: an email address can only be associate with a coach or an athlete - i.e. if your email address is registered as a coach, that email address can only be associated as a coach in a new organization)
  • Head Coaches can now remove Assistant Coaches directly within TritonWear Insights. A support ticket is no longer required
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